Sunday, December 30, 2007

In Stitches

Yep, I've been away for a while. LOTS of stuff going on, including a six day mission trip to Mexico with no running water or working toilets. More on that later.......

But we got through Christmas ok. Day after, I was actually off, and decided to get some things done. AKA: look for something I sold that can't be located since the dh cleaned the house. Decided on a whim to check the basement, where I never put the purses -- they are all on a shelf in my selling room. Except THIS particular one. Went down the basement stairs -- on my butt. Yep, 14 steep stairs straight down to a concrete floor, and my body decided not to do it upright. Last time I did this, five years ago, almost to the day, I broke my elbow. That's a story for another day, but this time I managed to do it with no major damage. I was worried about my hand, but I just bruised it, and went about my day.

Except I still haven't found that purse.

So I gave up that afternoon, cause I still wasn't feeling great (I'm getting over pneumonia. Yeah, see ABOVE, where I said there is a LOT going on here.) Had to fix the freezer though, cause my 3 yo fridge keeps freezing up, leading to water all over my kitchen floor. Fixing it means I have to thaw out the ice from the floor of the freezer, which involves a lot of hot water, and chipping out the ice.

Except my hand slipped, and went straight into a little pan in the back, and sliced my index finger wide open. The result? I am now the proud owner of stitches on said finger, because although it wasn't that deep, it would not stop bleeding, because it was over the joint. Got to spend the afternoon at Immediate Care, waiting to get stitched, then go straight to work - late - and try to type with my finger all wrapped up, cause he didn't want me to bend it.

So I went in and took a bath tonight, to soothe my mangled nerves (drug seekers all weekend at work), and noticed that one of my stitches has fallen out. So if I tell you I'm coming unglued, it really is pretty accurate. Or that I'm kept in stitches -- that'd be right, too.

And so I decided to show something with gorgeous stitching. Went off to ebay and found this beautiful Vintage 50s embroidered cotton dress, in my favorite ruby red color. Grab it now, from vintage_studio, on the bay.