Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Bro Code: Live together, die together.

After dinner.

Seth (holding up somethin from the fridge): "Do you think I can get salmonella from this?"
Me: "It has raw eggs in it. Yes, you could."

Seth stares at me silently as he pops it in his mouth.

Thomas: "What IS that?"
Seth: "Cookie dough."
Thomas: "Give me some."

Apparently they thumb their nose at death. At least when snickerdoodle cookie dough is involved.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

December, 2011 in music and word.

My life has changed this year, in ways I've never imagined. Here are a few:

  • I never knew that I could cry from my toes.
  • I found that I could cry in happiness or in the pit of despair, and people don't know the difference till I clue them in.
  • iPod purges are a very good thing, but are not permanent unless you choose for them to be.
  • The depth of crazy in your life is in direct proportion to the people you choose to spend your time with.
  • When life presents you a multiple choice question in which one of the options is to spend time with crazy people, choose ANY of the other options.
  • Exercise the right to be happy. It will change your life.
  • You may not know who your friends are until you think you have no friends. At that point, they will come out of the woodwork and prop you up until you can stand alone again.
  • An hour on the treadmill will work out almost any amount of anger.
  • Just because you think about doing something crazy like say, setting something on fire or blowing something up, does not mean that you need to do it. It's much more liberating knowing you made a conscious choice to sleep at night in your own bed solely because you didn't light the match.
  • My kids will never let me down. The depth of love between us is still being revealed to me every day. I would lay my life down for them, and I think they'd probably say the same about me. They've done some pretty darned difficult things just for me, and they really weren't tall enough to ride that roller coaster. I love them to the end of time and even more importantly, I respect them beyond measure.
  • Life can change in a second -- for good or for bad. Fortunately, I ended 2011 in the Very Good chair, and for that, I am very thankful.
  • I am surrounded on every side by love. Not bad for "a cynical bitch who doesn't have any friends." LOL
  • Never listen to the opinion of an idiot. Believe in yourself. Pick yourself up by the bootstraps and keep going. And if you can't find your bootstraps, call a friend and have them find them for you. They will.

And on that note, I end the year with a very special song. Adele pretty much wrote this song for me, because most of it is almost verbatim conversations that my boo and I have had. I am truly blessed, and am a better person having him as my huckleberry.