Thursday, May 17, 2007

Home is where the school is

Yeah, our kids are homeschooled. No, they aren't homeschool "freaks," as the dd calls them. No denim jumpers here. We're so far removed from the "normal" homeschoolers that we should probably be excommunicated. But yeah, they're homeschooled, and they don't seem any the worse for the wear. (I'm a different story.)

They did decide once that they might want to go to school, cause ds (then 11, now 17) wanted to "meet chicks." Never mind homework, he just thought he needed to meet some women. Want to go to school? No problem! Off we went to tour the place. The school had entire solar systems hanging from every ceiling -- and we had our own hanging in the dining room, so the kids felt right at home. Also, this happened to be a school where their friends went, so when ds (then 6) saw his best friend in class, the best friend headed our way, looking very confused, and said "are you here to pick me up?" DS said "no, I'm JOINING here!" To which the person touring us around said "oh nonono, you're only visiting."

The woman had issues.

Things went from bad to worse with the school Nazis, who were obviously anti homeschooling, and seemed angry that my first grader could actually read and do math. When we left, ds12 said "well, I'd say we have pretty much a zero chance of getting into THAT school." I agreed, and it wasn't a bad thing, cause those people were nutty. It was a magnet school, so yes, the older kids did need to have approval to get in. They had to take the younger one if he wanted in, but when they offered, we declined.

When I asked dd later what she thought as we toured the place, she said "Mom, those kids are trapped." Pretty profound stuff, coming from a 10yo.

So yeah, they are trapped here with a perimenopausal mother, but we like each other pretty well, so it's all good. And so, in honor of those whacko public school crazies, here's a wonderful 50s solar system novelty print dress, from marie92001, on ebay.

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