Friday, October 31, 2008

An unabashed display of motherly love

The Brat had her senior pictures done a couple of weeks ago. Now, for those of you who have not yet experienced it, the Senior Year Photo Shoot can be something quick and easy, done by a parent, or it can be something straight out of Next Top Model. Heck, if you have a boy, you can probably skip the whole thing altogether, like Thomas chose to do. He's a pragmatist at best, and a cynic at worst, but hey, he does his thing.

Jill, on the other hand, went all in, and did the two hours in the studio, 45 minutes on location, with as many clothing changes (and, apparently, animals) as she wanted to do. Girlfriend worried over the wardrobe issue for days, laying out outfits on the living room floor the night before, matching up shoes, and searching for the perfect makeup palette. She arrived at the studio with a big bag of seven outfits, six pairs of shoes, a big ole makeup case, and a dog with a Denver Broncos leash. And God love her, the photographer didn't bat an eye.

In the end, she had 220 shots, in the studio, outside the studio, and at the park, by herself, with her Dog Boo, her horse Speck, and even with those cheesy 2009 numbers that she swore she wasn't going to be photographed with. Only one of those 220 shots involved wearing shoes. The result? These 30 or so shots, some of which she loves, some of which I love, some of which her little brother says look "pretty," and all of which her elder brother and father glanced at, then reached for the remote because football was on.

Waddya think?
Cutesy hippie chick look that she almost didn't wear, but we convinced her was her color:

Speck's normal "Got Coke?" look. He was so proud of his pretty white tail, all brushed out:

Bratty's favorite shot, of her and her boy:

It must be love (insert 101 Damnations song). Speck looks like he thinks he's in trouble:

The bottom line? I just think she's gorgeous. And no, those are not contacts. Her eyes really are that blue:

Boo Bear and his Mommy. In a rare photogenic, in control moment for the canine half. He's usually trying to eat someone:

I would've liked it better if the rug had been in the entire shot, and no floor, but her smile is so pretty, who cares?

"Hi, I'm Jill, and I'll be your guide. Remember my pretty smile when you tip me."

Speckie says "are we done yet? Where's my mint?":

The color version of the black and white one. This is why a girl gets a horse:

Speck's normal posture -- eating -- and his Mommy, chillin' :

Speckles the bareback show horse, and Jillie, the barefoot star:

The cheesy numbers shot that came out really well. And yes, she's still barefoot:

Those braces were 100% worth it. Beautiful!

Chillaxin' in da barn, homegirl style:

Yeah. They're blue, remember?

Jillie the Cowgirl:

Chillin' with the boy:

I love this one:

After Jill's boss arrived, Speck was still hoping for some food, cause that's how he rolls:

The hard part of this one was not the horse. It was Jill, trying to keep from falling off the fence:

Jillie hates this one. I absolutely love it:

Can you tell she's a little happy?

Enjoy the rest. You don't need my commentary to tell you that I think she's beautiful:


What-I-Found said...

OMG! These are wonderful!
What a beauty...and man-o-man does she look like her Mama.
I think my favorite is the "happy" one on the fence.
Sheesh if my son didn't have a gal on the hook I'd been sending him to your house...and teaching him about horses. ;-)
Oh, I just looked I pick the close-up in the red dots.
Well done Mom.

claudiajean said...

Both you and Jill have good instincts: the 2009 shot, the shot of her leaning over her horse's neck, and the "hippie chick taking a break in the barn" shot are three standouts in a fab long set without any clunkers.

But then, aren't all teenage girls glowingly gorgeous? If only they knew...

WendyB said...

Beautiful photos.

Su said...

She's a true beauty, and YES, red really is a great colour on her!

That smile could light up a room!