Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Does anybody really know what time it is?

Look at the time. It's currently 1:28am, and I think that everyone in this household is up. Utter Chaos knows no limits, I guess.

Jill is working on her paper, which she thought was complete several hours ago but, for some reason, didn't get printed. Of course when she went to print it, she found that she'd forgotten the abstract, then decided maybe her references weren't right, then just basically started fussing about a bunch of assorted other details. When she finally went into the sunroom to print it, I heard a lot of mutterings that were completely unintelligible and, when asked, were interpreted as "nothing, Mom" and, I suspect, a roll of the eyes.

Right about then, Thomas wandered in and mentioned that he had sliced his hand, and thrust it in front of my face. Not like I could see anything, because all of the lights were off because of Prince Charming sleeping on the couch. Thomas wandered into the bathroom and ran the water, so I figured he was serious -- remember, this is a kid whose pain tolerance is legendary -- so I got up and went to investigate. Yep, he sliced it a couple of times, but thankfully, not too badly. Just enough to need his Mommy to get him a bandaid "because you're the nurse." He muttered something about Seth, screwing something together, seeing blood.....I'm not really sure, but he went back upstairs.

Seth, the blonde one with no common sense, but a level head, is in his room watching the end of The Return of the King, so it's not surprise that in the midst of this, Dan woke up from his slumber, gave out a yell like he does, for dramatic effect, and wandered in the direction of the bedroom. Perhaps now one person here has sense and is sleeping. Heck, he may've been asleep when he staggered out of here, but who can tell with all the drama?

I should've seen all this coming when, during a night shift about 15 years ago, Dan called me at 1am to say that he was turning in the for the night. "Hang on," he said, and I was suddenly met with a tiny little voice saying "Hi, Mommy!" "Jill honey," I said, "what in the world are you doing up this late?" "Watching the fishy movie," she said. "What fishy movie?" "Draws."

Yep. Prince Charming let the three year old Bratty Girl stay up to watch Jaws with him. That was about the time that I realized that I was gonna lose the battle over bedtime.

I'm used to not sleeping till weird hours, with all of my years of nights and rotating shifts. They don't call it After Hours Triage for nothing, after all, and I'm off my normal routine, whatever that is, because of training newbies. I'm up most nights lately till 2a.m., so me being up at this hour isn't particularly surprising to anyone. Heck, the boys being up late is no real surprise to me either, but for all of us to be up this late? Someone's probably gonna pay tomorrow, and I'm just hoping it's not me.

Sleep, for me, is usually optional anyway, but I'll be heading to bed soon. But not before I share this fabulous Jerry Gilden Clock Dress, from Dorothea's Closet Vintage. Just don't use it to figure out what time it is, because the clocks all have a different time. Night, night!

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