Sunday, July 29, 2012

What We Seem to Have Here Is a Failure to Communicate

So, my boo and I were driving to church this morning.  He is something of a backseat driver (::cough cough::).  I took my normal route through the country because I like the view.  He likes a different route, but understands why I take the one I do.  We were discussing the fact that we'd both like to have a little piece of land with a creek running through it.  Then we passed a house that had a piece of furniture in the front yard.  It had a FREE sign on it.

Now, let me say, I have the ugliest couch on earth.  When I got divorced, I got rid of the furniture the ex picked out, making it a part of The Great Purge.  I figured I'd get new living room furniture at some point.  Well, when I walked thru the house I'm renting, there was a couch in the living room.  I asked if it came with the house, figuring I could use it as a temporary couch, then move it to the basement for Seth's game room.  Well, there it still sits in the living room.  And did I mention that it is likely the ugliest couch on earth?

This couch is very long -- you could probably sit five people on it.  It's brown and orange 70s crushed velvet.  But what's the boy care?  It's gonna go in a gaming room with a bunch of teenaged boys.  No big deal.  Except it's still in the living room.  It's also probably the most uncomfortable couch on earth.  Add to that that unless you position yourself  just right, you can slide right off of it.  I havenearly done just that  a time or two.  I believe that the boo has landed on the floor at least once.  And so it is that we've been discussin new furniture.  I just haven't done it yet, because of course, something always comes up, like school registration, or summer school, or medical bills or well......a litany of things.  And technically I do have a couch.  And I'm a procrastinato.  And I have low standards for my living space right now, until I figure out where my permanent space will be.

And so, getting back to the ride to church:  there it was.  One the front lawn of a farm house, in the middle of Hancock County, Indiana.  And I saw it.  And I read the sign.

Me: "Free Couch."
Boo: "What are you freaking out about?"
Me:  "What?  Not free cow.  I said free couch."
Boo:  "I didn't say free cow.  What the heck are you talking about?"
Me:  "I was reading that sign."
Boo:  "They had a free cow?  Why are they  giving away a free cow?"
Me:  "NO.  Free COUCH.  They had a FREE COUCH."
Boo:  "Oh, I thought you were saying freak out.  You need to enunciate better.  You  confused me."

I'm used to Sethanese, but the Boo-gity Boo-gity, I'm still getting used to.

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