Sunday, July 07, 2013

Heavy Thoughts from a Skinny Girl

Jill has been working out and mindfully eating lately, and the results show, cause the girl is looking wonderful.  She and Michael popped in this weekend to keep a couple of wedding related appointments (and to see a movie with her mother.  Yippee!  Popcorn!)

She said on the way to the movies that she didn't intend to eat any popcorn.  I, however, skip meals for movie popcorn, so I hadn't eaten since breakfast.  It was not after 7pm, so I was hungry.  After Jill mentioned that she has "been bad" lately and needed to get back in line, she explained.  "It wasn't when I went to McDonald's that I realized that I'd messed up my diet.  It was when I found myself eating cold macaroni and cheese with my bare hands, because I was too lazy to get a fork.  That's when I realized that the diet was toast."

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