Saturday, January 11, 2014

Is It Any Wonder I'm Confused?

The Heir to the Throne been home for three weeks now. It's interesting to watch the dynamic between Jim and Seth.  They can talk video games half the day, and Dr Who the other half.  But try to have a seemingly normal conversation, and that's where it gets tricky.  

 Jim likes video games. He assured me after his knee surgery that all he needed was a remote and his Xbox controller, and he'd be just fine.  He was right.  However, does not play Candy Crush, which is the game of the moment for people like me who don't play console games.  If you don't know what Candy Crush is, do not google it.  You won't be able to stop.  Jim doesn't play it, mainly because it doesn't involve knives, guns, flash bangs, or as a matter of fact, any type of weapon.  Marines do not play games that don't involve weapons.  Seth, however, does.  He's a recent recruit.  I'm on Level 300+ after a few months.  Seth is at least halfway there after a couple of weeks.  Good thing I'm not competitive.  Oh well.    So here is this morning's breakfast conversation.

Seth (walking into kitchen and sitting down):  "Hey Mom, send me a ticket."  (When you hit certain parts of the game, you have to get three tickets to advance, so Seth's MO is to randomly come up and ask me for a ticket.  It's like a little game between the two of us.)
Jim: "What do you need a ticket for?"
Seth: "I just do. Mom, send me a ticket."
Jim: "But what do you need it for?"
Seth: "I just NEED it.  Mom.  Ticket."
Jim: "But where the hell are you going?  You can't go anywhere.  You have to go back to school tomorrow.  You haven't even started your car for a week.  You don't even know if it WILL start.  You don't need a ticket."
Seth: "I need a ticket.  Mom.  Ticket."
Jim: "Where the hell are you going?"
Seth: "Paradise."
Jim: "What, are you Muslim now?"
Me: "He needs two tickets to Paradise."
Jim: "What. The. Hell."
Seth: "It's a song, Jim."
Jim: "What do I care about a song?  What do you need a ticket for?"
Seth:  "It's for a game."
Jim:  "Oh NO.  Is it for that Candy Crunch game?"
Seth: "Candy Crush, James.  Candy CRUSH."
Jim: "Whatever. What do you need a ticket for?"

All this, before 10am.  Is it any wonder I'm confused most of the time?

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