Monday, March 31, 2014


Well, it was bound to happen. My dear husband has caught the tongue-twisting-brain-bending virus otherwise known as Sethanese.  He swears he hasn't always been this way, so of course, it's the baby's fault.  I feel Seth's pain, and we have bonded over the baby-of-the-family issue more than once.  I suspect, however, that Jim has been like this longer than he thinks.  He also has more in common with Seth than he thinks.

Case in point:  we were walking out of our hotel last week, whilst having a discussion about something.  Jim says to me, "well, I'm very anatomic, you know."  I actually stopped in my tracks.  My mind went completely blank. All I kept thinking of was the Animatronic rides at Disney, or anatomically correct dolls, neither of which fit into the conversation.  Seth's been in college for too long now.  My interpretive powers are not as sharp as they once were. I stared at him for a minute and said "what are you talking about?" to which he responded "you know, like a cartoon character."  "Do you mean animated?" He looked at me blankly, then just walked away laughing.

I swear, I'm lucky that I end the day with any kind of brain cells at all, if you consider who I hang out with.  I wouldn't have it any other way though.  This guys are the best.  Even if they do need a few screws tightened up.

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