Monday, April 28, 2014

Done That

My job has been celebrating my marriage in different ways.  My old team of southside nurses gave us a gift card for Bonefish Grill/Carraba's/Outback.  They know I don't cook, so that is just flat out practical.  We shall put that card to good use, whenever we decide which place we like more.

IT celebrated by changing my name and knocking me off the network at 8:30 at night.  Not a problem, unless you work evenings and overnights, and have to get hold of the right person to get you reconnected.  Three and half hours, and four Help Desk people later, they got me connected enough to be able to finish the night.  It took several days to fully get it straight proving, once again, that I am hard to keep in line.

My current team celebrated in two distinctly different ways.  First of all, they had a party, and a surprise one at that.  It was a nice surprise, because we never see each other, much less eat together, and there was food, and cake and balloons and presents, and much fun was had by all.  They presented me with a nice pewter frame for a family photo, and gift card for Bed, Bath, and Beyond, which is Jim's sanctuary, given all the kitchen stuff that they sell.  I'm pretty sure that they sell more kitchen stuff there than Bed and Bath, which makes their name a bit curious, but I digress.

The real killer of a gift came from our devoutly Baptist nurse, also named Lisa, but called Lisa Ann, just to keep things easier (she not only shares a first name with me, but also shares a first AND last name with the big kahuna at work.  It gets confusing).  She had somewhat warned me of her proclivity toward naughty gifts, but I had no idea.  I opened up the gift bag and found:  two wine glasses, two splits of sparkling grape juice (remember: Baptist), some edible massage oils, a leopard print mask that went perfectly with the French tickler she added (and which will be hidden from the cat.  He eats feathers.), some sort of toy that's designed to "elevate the experience", and a copy of the Kama Sutra, which Jim promptly opened and said "done that....done that..............done that........hmmmm..........yep, done THAT...."

Those Marines.

I was told that I blushed fairly scarlet when I opened it in front of the group.  I'm also told that one of our nurses asked Lisa Ann if her gift was "work appropriate," to which she had responded a firm "NO."  So yeah, the next time someone talks to you about what a conservative gift your Baptist friend got you,  you can think of me, raise and eyebrow and say "yeah, done that."

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