Friday, October 23, 2015

Riding In The Car With Boys Eve

We're having a slumber party, of sorts, tonight.  The boys, Jim and I are heading south tomorrow to go to a wedding for one of their friends who they have known since they were little.  It's the third wedding Jill's in since the beginning of August.  She has one more to go in two weeks and thank God, that'll be done -- they are all out of state weddings, so she's had to do a lot of travelling.  On the flip side, we've gotten to see her a lot, which is pretty great.  But yeah, it's expensive.  Such is the price of being popular.

So I told the boys to come over tonight and sleep here so we wouldn't have to pick them up in the morning.  As in, we'd have to go to two locations, and the odds of them being up and ready to go when we get there to pick them up would be nil.  So here they are.  I'm mentally preparing myself for yet another day of fun conversations from the back seat.  I'm thinking it may not happen, because they are both planning to be studying the whole way down to Evansville, but I'm sure we'll get a few in.

Like tonight, for example.  Seth was talking about his posse of friends at Butler.  He was talking specifically about his freshman year, saying "yeah, now THAT was a group.  We had our token gay guy...yada yada......"  "Wait a minute, I said, is he GAY?" "No," Seth said, "but he IS diabetic."  Whut.

After we got home -- we'd taken a quick trip to Walmart to get Seth some dress shoes because "I could only find one, it was smashed, and it was brown" (don't ask), the boys settled in to some geekery in the family room.  I was taking my bedtime drugs and the puppies were yipping VERY annoyingly.  Thomas said "hey Mom, can I Old Yeller these dogs or something, cause they are driving me nuts."  I told him to ignore them and that hopefully they would shut up (full disclosure:  probably not).  Seth piped in with "yeah, that's what they taught us in my psychology class.  If you want a baby or a dog to shut up, just ignore it."

This has me concerned on a number of levels.  Will the dogs be alive in the morning? What is all the tuition money buying me at Butler?  Should I be concerned for my future grandchildren?

So many questions.  So few answers.

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