Thursday, September 18, 2008

A camping they will go.......

You have to pray for my little family. Actually, just praying for the two younger kids should cover it. They're going camping this weekend, with their father, whilst the mother stays home and works.

If you ever read about our
camping experiences, you should know that this oughtta be interesting, because although my own personal rules are to only camp with the hubby in good weather, when electricity is available so he can make "real" coffee, and to have dry food at all times, the kids' rule is generally "don't camp without Mom, and all the bases are covered." I hope they're right.

Church is having their annual camping trip this weekend and since I have to work, the little family is going without me. I will be enjoying a weekend at work, then chilling out in the evening at home -- probably listing patterns on the new website whilst Thomas, who is coming home for the weekend, sleeps and studies chemistry. Sounds like a plan to me.

So let's hope, for the younger generation's sake, that there is electricity at the campsite, and that the weather holds, or things could get a little sketchy down at Brown County. Of course, they're camping with a few Eagle Scouts, which always helps the odds, but hey, I'm glad I'll be home in my jammies.

So if you want your camping to be strictly indoors, check out this manly vintage camping themed flannel shirt, from The Cats Pajamas Vintage, on ebay. Mr. Coffee not included.

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