Friday, September 12, 2008

Sethanese, revisited

I've been gone for a while, but man, oh man, has it been busy! I've bought a
new website, which is so much fun, but also a lot of work at the same time. Work is always good, in my book, though, so that's fine.

Also been doing the nursey thing too, which is always entertaining. Over the summer, I got the "official" title of trainer, and I've been busy training the new staff, as well as the old. Taking calls, too, of course, which is my constant source of entertainment. Best one this week? Probably the mom who called to say that her 8yo son was chillin' out on the couch, just watching TV, when his little brother came and jammed a thermometer in his ear. YOWZA! Kinda like that scene in Batman where the joker makes the pencil disappear. Needless to say, that kid went to the ER, and I had a headache the rest of the night.

But today, I was off, so Seth and I drove to Vincennes to get Thomas and his roommate for the weekend. We got running late, so I told Seth I'd buy him some Arby's on the way there. Ordered, with little or no idea what the guy said when he repeated it back, because the speaker was so bad. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised when we drove off and found that Seth not only hadn't gotten the honey mustard he asked for, but that he had a lemonade instead of a Sprite.

And so, in the interest of those wanting to become fluent in Sethanese, I thought I'd share the conversation with you:
S: "This Sprite tastes like lemonade. That's weird."
M: "IS it lemonade?"
S: "Maybe. Oh well, no big deal."
Silence, while eating. Seth was eating barbecue chicken shakers with ketchup on them. Made me need a Prilosec, just looking at it.

About 25 miles later, out of the blue:
S: "It's so weird that they gave me lemonade when it's raining outside."
M: "What does the rain have to do with it?"
S: "Never mind."
M: "No, really. What's the difference?"
S: "Well, lemonade isn't a rainy day drink. You drink lemonade when it's hot outside, not on rainy days."
M: "Well, what about Sprite? When do you drink Sprite?"

The question was met with a long, hard stare from Seth, who just shook his head at my ignorance, and said "never mind," in that dismissive tone that lets the parent of a teenager know that they are way, way beneath the subject material.

And so, to sooth my broken ego, I went looking for something gaw-geous, and found this absolutely smashing vintage 60s emerald Lurex dress, from

Figure 8 Studio. WOWZA! Grab it up now.


Preston said...

Teens are something else but eventually they grow up to be "normal" adults, whatever that is. My 28 yo daughter came back home 3 years ago and it is a totally different experience then when she was a teen. But I digress. She LOVES to cook and bake and has about a dozen vintage aprons that are from the 40's and 50's. I myself am big into the atomic, eames era vintage. (Nice family pics btw)

Bakelite Gal said...

Love the vintage 1960s Lurex dress. :-)