Monday, October 08, 2012

My Oppa

My boo is obsessed with Gangnam Style.  When he says he watches it several times a day at work, I believe him.  He said he watches it when he needs a lift, and frankly, I'm pretty sure that if you don't smile when you watch Psy, you probably aren't human.

So here's how we spent our evening:  Seth decided he wanted meat loaf for dinner, so I made meat loaf and amazing mashed potatoes (shout out to you, Thomas, but you're off carbs anyway), green beans, topped it off with Seth's gravy, and we were set.  Well, my boo had had an uber busy day at work and didn't get lunch, so he stuffed himself at dinner, and promptly thought he needed a nap.  He wanted to get home at a reasonable work night hour, so I started cruising youtube to find him something energetic.

He loves him some Gaga, so first I played the ever classic, ever amazing "Bad Romance," which is his favorite.

This, of course, led him into his Gangnam Style fixation, so we started cruising various versions of it.  There are parodies, live versions, and even a Dr Who version, which is now posted on Seth's Facebook wall.  (It takes a long time to load such a short video.)

Somehow, in the middle of this, there was quite the exercise in trying to make "Bad Romance" lyrics that would work for a choir anthem.  And then he broke out in "Gangnam Style," almost verbatim.  To say I was impressed would be an understatement, but I'm not sure how that will play out when we're both in hell for the whole "Bad Romance" thing.  Somehow we figured that mentioning the disciples and the Jerusalem in a Gaga song might give us a nonstop trip to The Bad Place, but we sure did laugh over how it turned out, and I was quite blown away by his ability to lyricize on the fly.

And what, one asks, does "Oppa Gangnam Style" mean?  Well, Oppa can mean anything from older brother to older male friend.  Gangnam is the ritzy part of Seoul.  And Style is, well, style.  So basically, it's Sugar Daddy Stylin.  Like my boo:  a stylin' sugar daddy.  Well, if that shoe doesn't fit, then I don't know what does.

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