Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Outlaw Josie Wales

I've mentioned before the hopelessly city nature of my little family. They are fairly clueless of most things country, and it can give me a giggle, from time to time.

It's kind of funny how the men of my house are, when it comes to horses. We used to vacation in Tennessee pretty regularly, and one of the thigns dd liked to do was horseback ride. The youngest ds was four, the first time we did it. We have pictures of him sitting on the back of a horse, looking VERY serious, but at least he did it. Hubby and oldest ds went on a cave tour whilst we rode, because they do NOT like horses.

The next year, we went to another place that wouldn't let ds ride alone. We popped him on the horse with me, whilst dd rode another horse. The other ds, and hubby? They rode in the Cinderella carriage, behind us. It was just wrong, in so many ways.

Since then, hubby has made it very clear that he had no intention of riding a horse. He just doesn't like them. Doesn't even like to watch dd ride, in her lessons. He even came home one time, swearing that dd was galloping in her lesson. "No, dear," says me, "she was probably trotting, or maybe even cantering, but NOT galloping." He still swears to this day that she was, indeed galloping. Then there was the day that she fell off the horse, due to a saddle malfunction. He scooped her up and brought her home -- even forgot to pay for her lesson. Into the house she walked, crying. When I asked dh if he made her get on the horse, he said no way -- he took her home, because he wanted to make sure she hadn't dislocated a hip or something.

TIP: if you dislocate a hip, you would NOT be able to walk.

So, when dd bought a horse a month or so ago, we figured we'd be lucky to get him to the barn, but to actually RIDE the horse? No way. But this past week, he told her he was gonna ride. We all said we'd believe it when we saw it. DD called me on Sunday afternoon, asking me to take her to the stables, cause he had changed his mind. "No way," says me. "Make him take you, cause he said he was going to ride."

And ride, he did. I think dd led him around like a pony ride at first, but he demanded the reins and took a walk around the ring. DD called me, amazed that the big man had actually climbed in and was riding. She's telling me all about it, whilst the dh is yelling "I'm the outlaw Josie Wales, baby," in the background.

One ride, and now he's Clint Eastwood. LOL But at least it's progress. Now if we can just get ds17 outta the Cinderella carriage, life will be complete.

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