Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Nice day for a White Wedding

We finally got some snow today. Finally. Everyone who knows me well knows that I love winter, as long as there is snow, because if it's cold, there should be snow, dammit.
So yes, I'm happy.

My brother lives outside of Seattle, and between the snow and the bum knee that he recently had surgery on, he's not been a happy camper. Seattle apparently is sadly unprepared for winter, and since he lives on a hill, they found themselves unplowed in, and were virtually trapped in the house for a while. I'd call that heaven, but he wasn't too keen on it, especially because he was in pain. I don't blame him there, I guess, but I still love me some winter.

My brother has a odd and wonderful sense of humor, which, I suppose, shouldn't surprise anyone, since we come from a long line of odd and wonderful humor. He calls his iPhone "the phone from God," because it can do anything from playing music to cracking a bullwhip. When I found out that the Vatican now has approved a prayer application, I told the bro he was right -- it really IS the phone from God.

One truism my brother taught me, back in the early days of MTV, was the importance of the three sleazes. Not to be confused with the three kings, especially this close to Epiphany, the three sleazes were an important part of 80s era music videos. Jeff assured me that no video ws complete until the three sleazes appeared. They were generally dressed in leather, and their job description was just to writhe around and look sleazy. I think they were supposed to give the impression that they were backup singers, but alas, they were just back up sleazes. Check out any Whitesnake, ZZ Top, or Scorpions video, and you'll know what I mean.

Billy Idol had it down to an art. I loved Billy Idol, with his punked out weirdness, and once told my brother that I wanted to walk down the aisle to "White Wedding," just to see what people thought. Of course, I didn't, but with the disaster our wedding threatened to be, that would've been the least memorable thing that happened.

I'm not exactly sure what it was that made me think of the three sleazes when I saw this wonderful Greco Roman novelty print dress, from one of my favorite sellers, the fabulous meloo. Musta been that closeup of the trio of goddesses, I guess, but it truly was the first thing that came to mind. And if Greco Roman isn't your thing, be like me, and just enjoy a little White Wedding, with its booty shakin' sleazes.

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