Saturday, March 16, 2013

Fly Girl

In 1990, I wanted to be a Fly Girl.  Those girls were amazing.  Never mind that they could dance like nobody's business, and my siblings convinced me when I was little that my little pigeon-toed self had no future in dance.  Of course, also forget that I was also very pregnant with Jillie when the Fly Girls came to the forefront.  I thought they were pretty cool.

So today, somehow Jill got talking about one of her three jobs, where she works in food service.  She mentioned that they require them to wear a hair net.  She said that she refused to wear one, because she "didn't want to look like a lunch lady."  She said that she just puts her hair up and under her hat, and no one knows the difference.  She also pointed out that there's no way she should look like a lunch lady anyway, because she doesn't start working till dinnertime.

I asked her what the difference was between the Lunch Lady and the Dinner Lady.  She said, without missing a beat, that "the dinner ladies are fly."

Must've picked that one up during gestation, cause apparently she is a Fly Girl.

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