Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Marked For Death

I think the Heir to the Throne has it in for me.  Some months back, I told him that my will was written, that he is the executor, and that he is the trustee of The Spare's money till he turns 21.  He looked at his brother and said "you're screwed."  I see how it's gonna be.

Since then, they have all been counting the numbers, and having different discussions of how they could off their mother.  The other day, Thomas was enumerating the different methods he could use.  I reminded him several times that he can't profit from his crime if he kills me, so he'd be stone cold broke.  He just kind of shrugged, and then told me that my recent fall down the stairs -- it was an ugly one, and pretty much trashed my left knee -- was a psychic fall that he had inflicted with his mind.  Dark, he is, yes.

Jill popped in and reprimanded him, saying "Thomas, that is your mother you are talking about."  Again, a shrug.  Jill said "don't you even feel bad?"  To which Thomas responded, "hey if I kill her, then you get to have the wedding of your dreams."  Without skipping a beat, Jill said "I'll give you a 35% cut."

I'm a marked woman.

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