Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bro Code, revisited.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again:  watching teenaged boys interact just cracks me up.  Especially my boys.  Though Thomas is no longer a teenager, those two just slay me.  Like the day that Seth was having a casual talk with me, whilst hanging off the trim of the kitchen door.  (Because, of course, every boy who's tall enough will hang off the kitchen door.  Frequently.)  So there he is, chatting away with me, when suddenly, I see a arm quickly come in from the right and punch Seth right in the ribcage.  BOOM.  And then it was gone.  Never saw the kid attached to it, just the punch.

Seth kinda doubled over to the right, looked that way and said "that hurt."  Of ourse, I immediately said "Thomas, why in the world would you punch your brother like that.  My God, you could've cracked a rib!"  I mean, the boy is working out, big time.  Thomas, of course, responded by saying "I had to."  "Why?"
To which the Heir to the Throne responded:  "when life presents you with a choice of either punching your brother or not punching your brother, you punch him."


And so it was that today, this text exchange happened.

Thomas:  Do you have a saw?
Me:  I think I have a cheap one.  What do you need it for?
Thomas:  A magic trick involving Seth.

Of course, I posted something to this effect on Facebook this afternoon, to which Seth responded "Don't worry, it'll be fun."

Oye vay.

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