Thursday, April 25, 2013

More Musical Musings

Say THAT three times fast.  Yeah.

This driving to town in the early mornings this week has sure brought some interesting memories to light:  I heard the song that was on the radio when I lost my virginity (sorry, Ma), some Gaga (rocked out), and a little mix of everything.  Of course, 107.9 plays everything, or so they report, so I've heard some of my boo's beloved Stones and AC/DC too.  Funny how not long after we met, I told him I've always wanted to make the opening riff of Hell's Bells the ringtone for my phone, but never have.  He just stopped and stared with his mouth open, and informed me that HE had had it as HIS ringtone for some time, back before he sold his two stores.  Whoa.

So, this morning, I heard Billy Idol's White Wedding, which always cracks me up, for the following reasons:  1.  I always wanted to walk down the aisle to it.  It just seemed to suit me.  2.  My brother said that Billy Idol had a "three sleaze" rule.  As in, his videos always had three sleazes in it, usually in leather and/or a cage.      White Wedding always makes me think of my brother and laugh.  Maybe I'll convince Jillie to incorporate it into her wedding, or reception.

What should come on next but Snow Patrol.  Wow.  I guess I'm supposed to think of my bro today, because he turned me on to Snow Patrol before they got big, when he burned me a CD during the ex's and my trip to Seattle.  Big bro thought I'd love them.  He was, as usual, right.  Big brothers usually are, right?  (Don't tell mine, cause I have two big brothers.  I'd never live it down.)  When we got home, we listened to them for a good long time.  As in, until I lost the CD.  We were kind of mildly obsessed with this one:

So this morning, Snow Patrol came on the radio, and here it was.  The follow up to Final Straw, and a sweet song about love that is so deep-and-meaningful-and-I'll-love-you-forever.  The ex bought me the CD and we loved it too.  Heck, we almost went to the Snow Patrol concert downtown that summer, but I don't do crowds and he was doing someone else.  Oye vay.  Glad I didn't waste the money.

That song was part of the great iPod purge of 2011.  It's never made it back on cause I'm too lazy to add it back in, but oh well, it's still a good one to make me smile and think of my bro when I hear it in the grocery store, or like this morning, when I'm driving to work.

So I guess the drive was All About Jeff day, cause the next one must've been played in honor of his recent marriage.  Add to it that  it's part of one of my favorite videos ever:  the most epic proposal that will ever grace the planet.  Except maybe Michael's to Jillie.    ::reminds self to post it on youtube for posterity, before my phone fries it::

I grinned the whole way to work.

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