Friday, January 11, 2008

LOST has been found

Lost is coming back. After being gone for 9 months, the best show on TV is coming back, January 31st.

I will admit, I am a LOST junkie. I LOVE this show. And I don't watch much TV, really. Or, to correct that statement, I don't choose much of the TV I watch, because I generally don't get the remote till the dh is asleep. By then, I'm usually ready to crash anyway.

But LOST is a different matter. The dh is not only not allowed to have the remote, he's pretty much not allowed to speak whilst it is on. He asks too many questions, so he has just learned that he either has to sit quietly, or find something else to do that takes him out of the room, or we will berate him till he does.

But then again, dd said she won't watch it with me anymore, because I tend to scream a lot when whacky stuff happens on the show. And it happens all the time. It's a whacky, unpredictable show. Genius stuff, really. But, dd won't have to worry about it, cause I'm gonna have to watch it on the DVR this season, since I work every Thursday evening now. So she will watch it in peace, and hear me scream at 1am, when I watch it.

So, I went looking for something that would remind me of Lost, and found this Vintage Shaheen Fishtail Dress, from modmonkeyvintage. GREAT hemline, and it looks like The Others are running around on it. Not sure of the backstory on this one, but it'd look great on Kate. I couldn't get away with it, but that's ok, cause I'll be in my jammies and slippers, watching the greatest thing since sliced bread. Just don't talk during the show, or I'll have to take you out.

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