Monday, January 28, 2008

Can you stomach this?

It's flu season, and all of Indiana is coughing. We've done nothing but talk to patient about coughs for two weeks now, and there's no sign of it letting up. Heck, even my youngest ds has a cough, and my kids never get sick. Being homeschooled, the cooties don't have an easy time getting to us.

But me, I have been coughing since the weekend after Thanksgiving. It's no lie to say that it started when I carried ds18's laundry up to the third floor of the dorm. I was fine one minute, then decided to carry it up to save him a second trip out to the car in the rain, and by the time I got to the car, I was coughing. By the time I got home 2 hours later, I was looking for an inhaler, and it's not let up since. Blame the boy's laundry. He tried to kill me with it.

So I saw the ENT doctor yesterday, cause my own doc is mystified as to why I cough every winter. DH is sure I have a tumor, but I told him it must be a seasonal tumor, because I only cough from November to May, and then it goes away. He thinks it's the two dogs, two cats, and the guinea pig that live here, but they DON'T go away, so it makes no sense that the coughing is seasonal. So this ENT doc wants to do a test where they put a tube down my nose for 24 hours, to test the pH of my esophagus, cause he thinks it's all from reflux.

I've always been a little backward.

Doesn't sound too fun though, having a little tube up the nose and down the throat for 24 hours. Definitely would make it hard to find a date, so I guess I'm glad I'm married. But God knows, the kids will have a high time laughing at their mama (not like they don't on a normal day, mind you).

And so, in thinking about my supposedly rotten stomach, I went looking for something to show off the hourglass shape that I tried (not so successfully) to have, a few years back. I found this fabulous vintage 50s Black Noir Wiggle Dress, from Rising Phoenix Vintage. Don't you think it would rock, with some stilettos and sparkly bracelets? I love the waist detail. Heck, it might even give ME a waist.

Well, you can't blame a girl for dreaming...........

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