Monday, January 28, 2008

Swim with the Fishies

My mother in law passed away in the fall. She's interred at a cemetery near us, where her in law are also interred. There's a spot there where my father in law will someday be as well. He likes to joke that they will set up a table between the spots where the two couples are, so they can play cards. Knowing him, they will.

I don't play cards much. I definitely don't play euchre, which is the game of choice in Indiana. Never could figure that game out, no matter how hard I tried. So I guess being interred at Washington Park East is out of the question.

I don't want a lot of fuss when I depart this earth. I told the hubby, take the money, have a barbecue (no funeral -- I just want food), then take a cruise around the world and find a trophy wife. That'd be just fine with me. Oh, and donate any of my organs that are still good. Though, with as many as I've had removed, I don't know that there will be any leftovers. Especially cause I'm not keen on bone donation. I watched them do that once, and was so grossed out that I didn't eat chicken for months afterward. But then again, since I have dead people bone in my neck, maybe I should reconsider.

So I told hubby, put me in the reef. Let me swim with the fishies. I'm a water sign, after all, and I love water, so just make me into a reef, and let the fishies play. Hub thought I was kidding, till I showed him this place, called Eternal Reefs. They'll take your cremains (what a weird word), and let those fishies swim all around you. What a cool idea. I love to recycle, and I think this is the ultimate. Of course, they don't have anywhere I'd like to be right now, cause I want to be off the coast of Virginia, where I was born, but by the time I get around to dying, maybe they'll have room. If not, South Carolina would be just fine.

So think about it, where are you gonna be when you die? I don't want to take up space on the earth, I wouldn't want to be buried on a hill, and I certainly don't want to be up in the air in a mausoleum -- I'm afraid of heights. And don't put me in a cemetery where the plots are so close together -- I hate sleeping next to the hubby as it is. He hogs the covers. So take me out, dress me up in something like this great vintage 50s Atomic Fish Print Dress, from The Fishpaw Lounge, and say Bon Voyage. I'd be just fine with that. Just make sure you have food for the going away party. I like pasta best.

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