Thursday, January 17, 2008

Who let the dog up......on the table

Guys and girls, if you aren't aware, Valentine's Day is creeping up on us. Quickly. Now, if you read Random Acts much, you'll know I'm not a big holiday person, especially Valentine's Day. The idea of flinging a bunch of money at the person you love, just to earn points, makes me more than a little nuts. Okay, so I'm already a little nuts, but I wrote last year about Valentine's Day being The Black Holiday (which, I might add, is no longer the Black Holiday to the friend who came up with the concept -- I found out yesterday that she's engaged).

The hubby and I don't do much for Hallmark holidays. Mother's Day - he got me a Dyson vacuum cleaner. Not too romantic, you say? I told the guy that if he didn't buy me one, I was gonna go out and buy it for myself, so he may as well cut to the chase, save me some time, and buy it. What do you know, he did. Brough it to me at work, even. I told him he wasn't allowed to USE it till I got home, at which point I ran our cheapie $45 Walmart vacuum, followed immediately by the Dyson.

Filled that Dyson canister 12 times. Just in the living room. Yep, I suck. Or rather, the Dyson does. It's an amazing instrument, for those of us with a menagerie of four footed creatures.

And the hubby lucked out, cause I told him when he bought that Dyson that he didn't have to get me birthday presents or Christmas -- that machine made my day. Guess I'm getting old, but it was a great gift. And he won't get me a Valentine's Day gift. We've rarely done that since our first Valentine's Day as a married couple. He bought me roses, and a huge chocolate chip cookie.

The dog got on the table and ate not only the cookie, but the roses too.

That was the end of our Valentine's celbrating. And like I say, if someone shows that they love you 364 days of the year, or, this year, 365, then showing it on the other day of the year by buying a bunch of candy or flowers isn't really necessary. But you could definitely shower yourself with love and grab this frothy 50s prom dress, from Bombshell Frocks Vintage. The coat isn't included, but man, that frock will turn some heads on the big day. Just don't leave it near the dog.

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