Monday, April 09, 2007

Our dog, the penguin

We have two dogs. Timmy is 11 or so (never can remember). He's a German Shepherd mix who is a big baby. Then we have psycho dog Boo, who is a cross between an idiot and a maniac. Smart as a whip, but drives me nuts.

I let him out last week, first thing in the morning. Standing in the back yard in my nightshirt, but there's privacy fence all around, so I felt like I wasn't gonna kill any of the neighbors, first thing in the morning. Put Boo in the pen to do his business, and the last thing I see is his butt going over the 6 foot privacy fence. Of course, I was shouting at him, cause I couldn't get through the mud in my bare feet. Then of course the dh comes driving down the driveway, with his new friend -- a Mexican guy who speaks no English. Yep, the first sight of his friend's wife is her standing with bare legs, in an old nightshirt, yelling every word in the book at the stupid perro. I don't think Oscar ever even looked up -- and hubby took one look at me and just backed right outta the driveway.

This dog is an idiot, but he knows about 12 tricks. Smartest stupid dog I've ever seen. So yesterday, dd had an Easter egg hunt with some friends. Dozens of plastic Easter eggs, and somehow, Boo ended up with one. Well, the only way to keep this dog chilled out in the house is to let him on the couch, so there was dd, sitting there with Boo next to her -- clutching his egg. Snarled at Timmy every time he came by.

Sat wrapped around that egg, hiding it from us all night. We decided that he must think he's an emperor penguin or something, but it sure was funny to see that dog defend a little plastic egg all evening. I don't know if he took it to bed with him or not, but I'm sure he tried.

And so, in honor of Boo the penguin dog, here's the cutest vintage tuxedo style swimsuit, from Special Somethings Vintage Clothing,. I even love her name -- it just makes me smile.

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