Saturday, April 07, 2007

Hooters Orientation

My dd is not a fan of Hooters. I don't care one way or the other, cause ya know, it's a guy place. I haven't been there in years, but I got a call the other day that reminded me of them.
The baby's name was Lyla, and it sent me right down memory lane.

The kids went to Florida one time, whilst the parents were on the mission trip together. DS was about 12 or so, so my brother, in all his wisdom, decided that he should be initiated to Hooters. Brother and nephew packed him into the car and off they went. Here's what db reported later -- with a giggle:

They were seated, and the waitress did the normal drinks order. DS was blushing, and kept his eyes averted to the extraordinary tableware, at which time the lovely waitress leaned over said said "hi, I'm Lyla, your waitress." I'm told he went rather pale. Waitress pointed out the window to a police car that had just parked -- policeman just disembarking -- and said "are they here for you?" At which point, I'm sure, the boy almost died. DB loved it.

A year or two later, when I asked the kids where they wanted to go for lunch, ds said, of course, Hooters. Deciding to take advantage of a teachable moment, the three kids and I went, dd griping the whole way that they wouldn't have anything vegetarian for her, and her brother swearing that they would. We got there, only to find that nope, they really didn't have anything that she could eat, except fries or salad. DD decided that the situation was unbearable, and spent the entire meal with her back to us, arms crossed, giving the evil eye to every hottie that went by. DS, shoving his fries in his mouth, declared his inability to understand why his sister should be miffed.

I asked him, "would you want your sister working here?" "No way," he responded. "OK," said the mother, in all her wisdom, "consider those girls to be your sister." Kinda killed it for him, and he hasn't asked to go to Hooters since.

Just goes to show, homeschooling means that you can take advantage of every teachable moment. And so, in honor of our social studies lesson for the day, here's a cute vintage space age owl print dress, adorable vintage from shopcalico, on ebay.

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