Sunday, April 08, 2007

Viva Las Vegas

This is the weekend of Viva Las Vegas, the huge rockabilly festival out in Sin City. I've never been, but I'm told it's a great time. I'd go just to see what people are wearing, and the dancing would sure be a great time.

I have a friend who went to Vegas with the girls one time, for girls weekend out. Stopped to eat breakfast after a night of gambling -- and a few drinks, I'm sure. Well, Vegas employs people from all over the world. It's kind of a United Nations of sorts. The restaurant that the girls went to required the employees to wear nametags that said "Hi, I'm XXXX, from XXX." Included their name and their hometown or country. Their server was Asian, so imagine the elation a few tipsy girls felt when they saw his nametag:

"Hi, I'm Hung."

They all had their picture taken with him. I'm sure he's still wondering why.

And so, in honor of all those very special guys around the world, here's liquored up shirt, perfect for a night of bar hopping, from tawnyk1978, on ebay. Can't vouch for the authenticity, since I'm not a menswear expert, but it's a great conversation starter. Not that Hung needs it...............

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