Friday, February 01, 2008


Well, folks, we're into February now and you know what that means -- Valentine's Day. The ultimate celebration of love. The day where more chocolate will pass hands than possibly any other day of the year.

Those who know me know that I'm not into the whole Valentine's Day thing. I told the ds18's friends, when they were in middle school -- don't get yourself a girlfriend before Valentine's Day. I actually told them to stay away from girls till they were at least 20, but they didn't listen. They didn't listen to my motherly warnings about Valentine's Day either, despite the fact that they were intended to protect them.

From what, you say? From greedy little middle and high school girls who only wanted a gift. I would tell them, stay away till after Feb 14th, or you are doomed. If you get a sucky gift for her, she'll dump you -- and what middle school boy has money for a decent gift? And if she doesn't really like you, she's just looking for a gift, and she'll dump you. They would just look at me blankly. And ask some girl out.

Of course, then they'd wonder why the heck they got dumped, but they did start to realize that maybe, just maybe, the mother of the House of Utter Chaos really did know her stuff.

Now those boys are 18-20, and giving up World of Warcraft for female companionship. Amazing thing, really, to watch that evolution. Before you know it, they'll be getting married -- in five or ten years, hopefully. And then they might just go and buy their woman something like this Dollhouse Bettie, on Haight, in San Francisco. They'll soon be opening on the web, too. OK, so I know that this set isn't vintage, buy who cares? They have some seriously sexy stuff there -- with a great vintage collection, too. Stop by and have Michelle do some boudoir photos of your sweetie -- she does some great work. She might even be able to do something with ME, she's that good.

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