Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The black holiday

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. We don't do anything for Valentine's Day here -- it's always been my train of thought that if you show someone you love them 364 days of the year, then one other day really doesn't make a difference. So we stay home and watch TV.

But I have a friend who calls it The Black Holiday. The first time I heard her say something about The Black Holiday, I gasped, because I thought she was making some sort of disparaging remark about MLK Day. She was appalled, and said "no way, I'm talking about Valentine's Day." Why in the world is it The Black Holiday, I ask.

Here's her theory. This is the theory of a 30+ yo single woman. "When Valentine's Day comes around, either I'm not dating anyone and don't get a gift, or I'm dating someone and I get a sucky gift. So it's The Black Holiday."

I just rolled when she told me that. I'm sure there is a lot of truth to that, to a single woman with big hopes. But for us married folk, I guess it really doesn't matter, cause it's not really even a holiday at all.

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