Saturday, August 16, 2008

Underscoring the point.........

And so, the boy arrived home from Lollapalooza, thankfully chemicallyl unaltered when I went to pick him up at the train station, accompanied by the grandparents. Don't ask, don't tell, and all that rot, cause I don't want to know, but I will say that I told him if he gets an academic scholarship for next year, I will personally buy his ticket for the return trip next year.

He has announced that he will be taking his little brother, at some point in the future, so that he too can become a man. When I mentioned that it involves a) noise, b) crowds, and c) heat, the three things that I know Seth hates most, Thomas replied "oh yeah, he would hate it, but he's going. Not right now, but he'll go, and he'll love it." Once again one of those things only a brother can share with a brother, I think. And again, one of those "don't ask, don't tell things" that only a mother can give the proper evil eye for. Oye.

So now, a week or so later, I was at work, and my friend Ann mentioned that she got another "misdirected" email. Ann, who lives on what we jokingly call "Wisteria Lane" because of the desperate housewives there, just happens to have an email address that is one underscore away from someone who appears to be a woman who is, shall we say, rather popular with the boys. All on the Q-T, of course, but in this case, popularity equals some serious cash.

When Ann first told me about it, me being me, I had to go and google and see what I could find. What found was that a good time is apparently had by all, and the woman doesn't have to worry about paying her light bill. Oye. Ann gets emails from time to time, from customers who can't seem to figure out to add that little underscore, and want to make appointments to meet up for a little "company." Little do they realize that the emails are being received by the wife of a dentist who enjoys quilting, dolls, and raising her nuclear family, and whose idea of excitement is an upcoming Yarn Convention in Chicago. All in all, she's very wholesome, so you can imagine the giggles these emails evoke.

Imagine her surprise when she opened up her email yesterday, only to find an offer from "Roy," who would like to enjoy her namesake's company for a couple of hours. Roy, who just happens to live only blocks from Ann's house. Oye. And of course, me being me, I had to google to see if I could figure out where Roy lives, and who he is, because I'm nosy like that. I mean, how many Roys can live on Wisteria Lane, anyway?

Well, I haven't found him yet, but if you know a guy named Roy who lives in northern Indianapolis, give him a nudge, and tell him to throw some extra in the offering plate on Sunday, cause he obviously has some cash to blow. And while you're underscoring your point, make him buy you this uber cool vintage wiggle dress from jazzboogie, on etsy.

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