Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Lollapa-WHO-za Part 1

Thomas just got back from Lollapalooza. Hearing that the kid was going to a three day music festival in Chicago is one of those "be still my beating heart" moments for a mother. In typical Utter Chaos fashion, things got complicated.

The night before he left, he mentions to me at work at 6 p.m. that he forgot to go to the bank. This is not a good thing, since he had lost his debit card somewhere in his room about a month ago, and it hasn't been found yet. Add to that that I had lost my debit card the day before, and of course the new one hadn't arrived yet. I ended up leaving work for ten minutes to run around the corner to the bank where I have my business account. Got him four crisp hundred dollar bills, which I promptly snatched away when he reached for them. "Don't," I said, "let this money be involved with anything illegal, any alcohol, or bail money, or you're paying me back double." He responded with a roll of the eyes.

Next morning, his father drove him to the train station, for a 6:30 a.m. departure. Right as he got there, Thomas remembered that he had forgotten his $200 Lollapalooza ticket on his "desk" (aka card table) at home. Did I mention that it was now 6:14 a.m.? Dan drove like his pants were on fire back to the house, grabbed the ticket (yes, there was swearing about the "dumb kid" involved), and got back to the Amtrak station at 6:32, where te kid met him at the door, saying that the train had been delayed for 30 minutes. It was at this point that Thomas should've realized that God does, indeed, exist.

More tomorrow. Meantime, enjoy this fast moving train shirt, featuring Restless Heart -- a band whose music was featured in our wedding -- from Earth-Aware, on ebay. The only thing it's missing is the kid running alongside, holding a concert ticket.

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