Monday, March 19, 2007

The (Almond) Joy of my life

I love ice cream. I love to go to Dairy Queen and get Tropical Blizzards, or a chocolate dipped cone. Ice cream is a pure, unadulterated pleasure of mine.

When we lived in Florida, the dh and I used to go eat at Larry's Ice Cream. It was a chain of ice cream stores that started in Ohio -- I have no idea if the place is around anymore, but man oh man, did we love to go there. Sometimes we went every day. It was that good.

We've never found anywhere like it since, either. Cause they served the best ice cream ever -- Almond Joy. It was just like the candy bar, which is my favorite too. Even after we moved back up north, we had to go visit Larry's whenever we went on vacation to Florida. We used to try to figure out ways to get Larry's home with us. We were told dry ice would do the trick, but we weren't sure we could get it on the plane. We bought our firstborn a Larry's shirt, which we still have.

Getting hungry for ice cream now..............

So, when I saw this fantastic double dip Swirl Dress from one of my favorite sellers, marie92001, on ebay. No dry ice needed.

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