Monday, March 26, 2007

Fly the friendly skies

Sitting at the airport with the dd the other day, I was remarking about how people used to get dressed up to fly. I remember, even shortly after college, that I went out and bought a new white suit, just to fly to California in. Our casual culture now even extends into the air, because half the people getting off the plane were in jeans, and the other half were in shorts and spaghetti strap shirts -- and it was NOT warm in Indiana at the time.

I don't care for flying, no matter what I'm wearing. I'm a white knuckle flyer and, after our last flight to Seattle, I discovered the miracle of Xanax. When we flew to Vegas last summer for Ebay Live, I got a couple of Xanax, per my (nurse) friend's recommendation. Worked great. As she said, it won't knock you out, it'll just make you not care that you're 30,000 feet up in the air. That's my kinda flying.

Flying with my hubby is an adventure -- maybe that's why I don't like to fly. On our honeymoon flight to Paris, we were trying to figure out how we would get to our hotel from the airport. Hubby, of course, wandered off, only to come back and say that he'd found us a ride. What? "See that guy up there? He's a student at Emory, but he's from Paris. He's gonna give us a ride to the Metro station, and show us how to use it." No way, Jose -- I was sure that guy was a terrorist. But when we got to Paris, there we were in that guy's little VW Rabbit. Turned out he was really nice, and showed us exactly how we could navigate the Metro.

Last year, when hubby came home from the mission trip, he decided to see what first class was like. Plunked himself down in an empty seat, and flew halfway home before the flight attendant asked to see his ticket. "Oh, I'm not supposed to be up here," he said, "I just thought I'd try it out." The guy's lucky they didn't send the air marshall up after him, but he went back to his seat.

Yep, you never know what's gonna happen when you're with the big guy, but he's not afraid to try just about anything, and that's to his credit. He's something special in the air.

And so, for your viewing pleasure, here's a cute little Lilli Ann stewardess dress and matching coat, listed by Club Royal Vintage.

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