Thursday, March 29, 2007

BBs and the blues

I got a call the other night at work. 20 year old kid who says "yeah, I got a bb in my leg, and I can't get it out, so I was wondering, should I go to the doctor?" Turns out the BB is imbedded in his leg, so I say to him "Ya know, I just gotta ask the obvious question here. How did that BB get there?" Well, he must've had me on speaker phone, cause there was a LOT of laughter from the other end of the line. When he finally quit laughing, he said "well, I told my friend to shoot me with it, so he did." Well geez, why didn't I think of that?

I didn't ask how much beer was involved.

Just for the record yes, if you get shot with a BB gun and the BB sticks in you, you do have to go to the doctor. Like my dh who, to this day, if you ask him if he's ever had surgery, will tell you "only when my brother shot me." And if the brother and he are in the same room, an argument will erupt over whose fault it was.

I'm not sure how old he was, but I think he too was about 20 -- must be the age of no reason. Anyway, he and his brother got into an argument over the brother's bike -- I still don't really know what started it, but at some point and for some reason, dh tossed the bike on the ground. This made his brother mad (when I met dh, I think everyone in the family had a dent in their car from his brother kicking it -- he had a bit of a temper). He decided to get the BB gun, aimed, and shot at the dh as he pushed the screen door open. Brother says he was aiming at his head, but he hit hubby's middle finger instead (fair warning: don't ask him to show you the scar).

When the blood started spewing, the brother realized his fate if he stayed, so he took off running to the neighbor's. When dh showed up with blood dripping down his arm, the neighbor told him to go home or she'd call the police. And I believe that he got grounded when his parents got home -- but before he got to the ER. Go figure.

Those two still argue the facts of that case but the truth is, hubby had to have general anesthesia to get the darn thing out, and the finger still aches in certain weather. And he still claims, on certain days, that his brother is a pain in the butt. But never when he's holding a weapon.

And so, thinking of tiny little round things made me think of polka dots, so I found the cutest little polka dot ruffled swimsuit, from USMC Mars. Not sure why she didn't model this one, cause she's so darned cute, but here you are. Enjoy!

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