Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I can dance if I want to

I wanted to be a nurse, from a very young age. I did go through a short phase, at the age of 5 or so, of wanting to be either an opera singer or a ballet dancer. I would probably be en pointe right now, if it weren't for my evil siblings.

They told me that I was too pigeon toed.

They, the ones who would play cowboys and Indians with me, then go into the house, leaving me tied to a tree, ruined my aspiration to participate in the arts. My sister even admitted to the tree incident over the Christmas holidays. And I believe that they even have my hubby in on it now, because he talks about my duck walk.

My oldest walks just like me, turning one leg in markedly when he strolls. It's our trademark walk, and I feel quite certain that I could've turned it into one heck of a plie, given the chance. But those siblings of mine -- the ones who wouldn't allow me to watch "Dark Shadows" with them, after an ill planned attempt to watch it after school one day -- they ruined my career, before it took off.

Hubby has a strange, bow legged walk, exactly like his papa and his older brother. And he is one heck of a dancer, too. Grew up being called Disco Dan, as a matter of fact. Did his siblings stomp on that? No.

Do I have issues? Yes.

And so, to prove to my darling siblings the worth of being pigeon toed, here's a 60s Space Age Futurist top from LeRobo Vintage. It's proof positive that a pigeon toed girl CAN make it into Mensa, even if she isn't allowed to dance. And if you can't figure out the Mensa reference, well, belly up to the barre and maybe I'll explain it to you.

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