Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Give it to Danny -- he'll eat anything

My husband is an eater. He will eat anything. He eats all day long, and most of the night. My mother remarked, when last we saw her, about how he never seems to stop eating -- but is quite thin. One night, I kept a running log of what he ate, then emailed it to her. It included everything from pork chops to cheese and crackers, ice cream, olives, chips, and chocolate. Guess he thought he was at some kind of Roman feast -- but this is an every night occurrence.

One time, we went over to the in-laws house. Of course, walking into his mommy's house, he acted like a teenager and headed right for the kitchen, where he proceeded to spoon up a big taste of what was in the crockpot. He promptly spewed it into the sink, saying "what IS that sh*t?"

"Potpourri," says his mother.

Yep, he ate outta the potpourri pot. So I guess I shouldn't be surprised when he walked into the living room last night with a Tupperware container in his hand. "What in the world is this?" he asked me -- with a very weird look on his face. I asked, did he try it? "Yep," he said, "and whatever it is, it's awful."

He was none too happy to find out that he had just sampled the horse treats dd had made for her horse. ::sigh::

Yep, give it to Danny. He'll eat anything.

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