Friday, October 27, 2006

It's a dog's life

One of our dogs is sitting next to me, with his paw in my lap. He snores. He's really cute, especially when he's half asleep, but he's one wild man when he's awake. Boundless energy.

As opposed to our other dog. About 60 pounds, his name is Timmy, of all things. DD named all of her dolls Timmy, Brian and Peter, when she was very young, so of course, she named the bubba dawg Timmy. Timmy is about 8, and is a big ole sweetheart. MIL calls him a gentle giant. But he's a butthead, too.

Had to take him to the vet today. He's getting his disgusting teeth cleaned next week, and because he's getting old, had to have labs done before anesthesia. He was none too happy -- he hates going to the vet. Drug him in, got it done, drug him out. In the rain, I might add.

I stopped by the thrift store on the way home to drop some stuff off, and decided to take a peek inside, too. When I came out, Tim was looking really guilty. I couldn't figure out why, till he got up and moved, and under his big butt was the remainder of a bag from Taco Bell. Big dummy got in the car's trash, ate it up, and decided to sit on the evidence. ::sigh::

Pouted the rest of the day that I actually figured it out. So now he's asleep, and his buddy is lying here next to me, snoring.

All in all, it's a dawg's life.

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