Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Loose tooth fairy.....or tooth fairy on the loose?

Hubby is really good at Wheel of Fortune. Tonight was Best Friends night on the wheel, but hubby was handing out candy to the trick or treaters, so I was watching it pretty much alone, whilst I kept the dogs from eating a small child. Hubby wondered why I was laughing when he came back in the room, till he saw the puzzle on the TV. It was one of those Before and After puzzles, and the answer was "Loose Tooth Fairy." Gave me quite a giggle, to think of the tooth fairy as a loose woman/fairy.

The tooth fairy is a bit warped at our house. First of all, my children must want keep their teeth till Jesus comes, and usually end up having the last ones pulled, lest they drink their first legal beer with baby teeth still in their heads. I lost my last tooth when I was 16, so the apple didn't fall far from the tree.

Anyway, the tooth fairy took a detour once, on the way to our house. Actually, she wasn't invited, because there was no tooth. No tooth, no proof. We told dd (about 9 at the time) that, if she didn't have the tooth, she'd have to write a letter to the tooth fairy. Little did I know what she would write. Holy moly.

When I went to get the note from under the pillow, it was a full blown letter. Here's an excerpt:

"Dear Tooth Fairy,
I am sorry that I don't have the tooth I lost. I lost it when I bit Vince's shirt, and it was lost in the grass. If he didn't run away when I was biting him, I would still have it. I am sorry. Are you a boy or a girl? Do you have a boss? What do you do with the teeth? Do you have a name? How do you get to the houses? What do you wear? Why can't I see you?"

And on and on and on...............it was two pages of nothing but questions. Two pages that I found at 3am, when I had gotten off work, and was more than ready to go to bed. When I was too tired to write out a two page response. So, being the creative, computer nerd mom that I am, I convinced the tooth fairy that the proper response was to email her.

DD received a two page response, from indianatoothfairy@aol.com. After that, we told her, no tooth, no proof, no money.

So, in honor of the loose tooth fairy, here's a fairy costume from Purse Diva Vintage. Hubby probably saw more than one tooth fairy on the loose, whilst giving out candy tonight. Me? I'm just wearing my "Don't Make Me Get My Flying Monkeys" shirt. Happy Halloween!

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