Sunday, October 22, 2006

Let them eat burgers..........

We went to Paris on our honeymoon. We decided that after the wedding, we would take the trip of a lifetime. One that we would never be able to do once we had kids. We spent three wonderful weeks in Paris and the south of France. It truly was the trip of a lifetime.

When we decided to go to France, I had a whole list of places that I wanted to visit. The Notre Damecathedral, the Louvre, wine country, and of course, the Eiffel Tower. Also high on my list was the palace at Versailles. We saved that one for the end of the trip, and I was really excited.

We were so tired from all of the sightseeing that we had done that we ended up sleeping in. We took our time getting ready, then realized it was getting rather late. Grabbed a train to Versailles, but I knew we'd be cutting it close -- the tours don't go on 24/7. I was sweating it a little bit, because I really wanted to see the palace. Then, on the train, my new hubby realized that he hadn't eaten breakfast.

Nothing is allowed to get in between my hubby and his food. Nothing. He decided that we had to eat something before the tour of the palace. I protested that we were going to miss the tour, and he could eat when we were done, but he insisted that we had to eat before the tour. We ended up sitting in a little restaurant in town.

I speak no French. By the end of our trip, I could understand a lot of it, but I definitely can't speak it, so I relied on hubby to order for me. He ordered burgers and fries, whilst I sat there, ready to rock and roll. When the food arrived, I was totally confused.

What hubby had thought was going to be a burger and fries ending up being a burger with a fried egg on top of it. To this day, I still don't know if he ordered wrong, or if it was the special du jour.

In either event, when we got to the palace, the last tour had just left. Yep -- I missed the palace at Versailles, for a hamburger with an egg on top of it. Needless to say, Versailles is at the top of the list of places I want to see when we go back for our 25th anniversary.

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