Monday, October 09, 2006


It's quite loud at my house tonight. In case you don't have a nut in your house, I'll let you know: the Broncos are on TV. My house is decorated for what is considered in our house to be a Holy Day.

It's not often that Denver is televised in Indianapolis. The Colts dominate our football telecasts, despite the fact that they just can't make it to the big dance. So, when the hub's "people" are on, it's nothing short of Mardi Gras.

Here's what it looks like here:
  • Denver scrapbook is sitting upright on a box in the corner of the living room.
  • Denver beach towel is on the rocker in the other corner.
  • #1 Broncos fan license plate is under the TV, on the entertainment center.
  • Three Broncos hats on top of the TV.
  • Broncos tie dye shirt is hanging from the living room drapes.
  • Denver flag is hanging from the front porch eave.
  • Hubby has on his Broncos shirt AND lucky Broncos socks.
  • I am sitting on a Broncos blanket.

    The flowers hubby brought home from church are on the mantle -- I thought he was just being nice, till I realized that they are orange.

    No one can say that the man is not loyal. I can't even go to bed, because he has a box of Broncos stuff on the bed, and his tennis shoes -- spray painted orange, with Elways, and Davis' numbers on them, are at the edge of the bed.

    I, of course, bought into it and bought the man orange and blue M&Ms. He responds by bellowing "IN-COM-PLETE!" every time the other team fails to complete a pass, and by yelling disparaging remarks to both teams at every turn. The neighbors probably wonder what's going on, because the dogs start barking every time he starts carrying on.

    He's a little nuts, but ya gotta love a fan.

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    Dianne Mayne Forche said...

    Hi Lisa! Enjoyed your blog and totally relating! Thanks for the smiles... How did you finally get the comments link to show so someone can leave a comment? Thanks, Dianne