Thursday, September 21, 2006

I didn't do it!

Kids are nuts. They will do anything -- to themselves or each other.

Our first two kids are just over a year apart. Hubby was in nursing school when I was pregnant with dd, so things were pretty nutty at home. I was working 12 hour weekend shifts so that I could be home with the kids during the week, while he was gone to class.

Hubby worked part time at the hospital, tutored at the university, and pulled a LOT of all nighters, studying. Needless to say, we walked around in a blur, most days.

I got home from work one Saturday evening, opened the door to our apartment, and saw dh asleep in his recliner. With a not quite one year old and two year old at home. I walked by him, to see where the kids were. DS, just turned two, was walking down the hall toward me, laughing. I heard something odd to my left -- a muffled sound that I couldn't interpret.

Opened the door to our utility closet, and realized that DS had put DD in the dryer. It wasn't on, and she was perfectly content when I pulled her out, but still........what would the Maytag man think?

I went back to hubby, snoozing in his chair, and realized that he had black stuff all over his face and brand new sweatshirt. I followed a trail upstairs, and found that the two monkeys had emptied a laundry basket, flipped it over, used it as a ladder, climbed up on the bathroom counter, pulled my makeup bag off of a shelf, opened up a jar of foundation, dumped it on the carpet, then made their way downstairs to paint Dad with a mascara wand.

I smacked DH's foot and said "look what your children did," to which he responded, "I wasn't asleep." Yeah right. When he's painted black, like Braveheart, with mascara.

The sweatshirt was ruined, and to this day, dd, now 15, says "tell me about the time that DB put me in the dryer."


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