Monday, September 18, 2006

Me and you, and a cross dressing dog named Boo

I fell in love with a cute 60s chiffon cocktail dress. It was love at first sighte, despite a rather sizeable stain on one sleeve. It looked like coffee, but it came right out when it was cleaned. I just loved the robin's egg blue, and the flirty lettuce hem. It was adorable.

Too bad it's cursed.

I bought it, cleaned it, and photographed it. Had it hanging over a chair at my house, ready to take to my rental space. I walked into the dining room, ready to go, just in time to see dd's dog, Boo, running around the dining room table with the dress in his mouth. I had more than a few choice words for him, sure that he had destroyed it, but only one button was misshapen. That dilemma was solved pretty easily by just moving the remaining buttons around -- they are just for decoration, after all. Listed it on ebay, and it sold. To someone in Japan -- which is a good thing, as it is rather small. The buyer never paid, so I relisted it in my store, and was happy to let it sit for a while, cause I enjoy looking at it.

Finally thought, ok, spring's here, and the robins are home, so let's just list this little number and see who loves it like I do. Sold it again.

The buyer never paid. ::sigh::

About this time, I started wondering -- is it possible that some things are just cursed, and will never sell? I stuck it back into my store for a month or so, then relisted. Sold it again. Payment never arrived. No responses to emails, so I relisted it, against my better judgement, one more time. At this point, I'm thinking I'm gonna have to call a priest to exorcise either the dog or the dress.

The day after I relist it, I got an email from my buyer, about how he was "out of stamps" and that's why he hadn't paid. He had "gotten the post office to open, just for" him, and now it was on its way. Pulled the auction and waited. Finally the money order arrived, and I packed this sucker up and out the door it went.

And in the door it came, about a week later, with writing on it saying that the address didn't exist. Emails bounced, so I just waited -- till two weeks later, when my bank informed me that the money order he had sent was false or stolen. And, while they were happy to inform me of this, they also said P.S.: we're gonna charge YOU twenty bucks for HIM being a jerk and bouncing your deposit.

The dress stayed in the box it was returned in for a good long while -- marked "Damn Dress," with a Sharpie because it's making me angry. (See --- the evil spirits are at work.)

I suggested to friends that perhaps the dress is cursed, and was told that perhaps I should give it to Boo, since he apparently wanted it badly enough to steal it. I don't think so.

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