Sunday, September 24, 2006

Orange Crush Part 2

I am a football widow. My husband, despite living in Indianapolis virtually his entire life, is a rabid Denver Broncos fan. He loves football so much that I think his little family could disappear from the face of the earth, from August to February, and he would likely not notice.

He has a bevy of Denver memorabilia. He loves to wear his Denver hats, shirts, and socks. He’s been known to drape shirts all over the living room during games. He used to have a Denver flag, but now it’s gone.

After winning their first Superbowl, hubby took his beloved Broncos flag and staple gunned it to a tree in his brother’s front yard. His brother and family are Colts fans, except his SIL, who is a big Raiders fan. SIL was not happy about the flag incident,
but the strangest thing was what happened to the pictures he took of said flag, whilst it hung proudly in the elder brother’s yard.

The pics came back with swirls all over them – around the flag, but not touching it. Hubby put the pics in his brother’s mailbox, with a note saying “here is proof of the Raider’s spirits being exorcised from your house.”

SIL didn’t speak to him for quite a while, and we never saw the flag OR the pics again.

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