Thursday, September 28, 2006

Mayday! Mayday!

I hate carrying a purse. I guess I'm not the "normal" woman that way. Of course, many people would say that I am not a normal person period, but I digress.

My dd LOVES purses. It's become something of a joke at school about how many purses she has. She has them in all styles and colors, new and old. I have one.

My last purse was pretty cute. Woven in a taupe color, with some stripes on it -- it wasn't anything fancy, but was very functional. A bit too small for my taste, but it worked, and people liked it. Then one day, the strap broke. Now, it can take me weeks to find a purse that I like, so dd was appalled when I was sighted carrying it around with the strap tied together.

I guess it is a reflection on the entire family when the mother's purse is incorrect, because she went on a mission to find me a new one. I bet her that I could find one at the thrift stores, to which she simply turned up her nose and shook her head. I looked for days in thrifts and out, alone and with dd, till I gave up the ghost and told her that I was simply going to have to shop with her dad or her little brother, and they would find me one. She was even more appalled at hearing this, as she is the stylist in our house. (For whatever that is worth. If you saw us, you'd see how hopeless her job really is.)

I personally think if you want a good purse, take a guy with you, because guys think about pure function. Forget cute -- a purse needs to WORK.

I explained that her father is excellent at picking out purses, and ds must've gotten the purse hunting gene, because a few years back, I had him pick one out for me. I had been looking for two weeks and finally took him to Kohl's with me. He almost immediately found a great one, and when I asked him what he liked about it, he informed me, in his 5yo wisdom, that it was the color of poop.

I carried that purse rather gingerly after that, but it was a great purse. It really shouldn't have surprised dd when this time, I took ds out with me, and he found me a purse in about ten minutes flat.

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