Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I don't know nothing 'bout nothin.

DD was in the kitchen today, making fried rice. Turns to me and says "I don't think you can help with this, cause you are married and all, but how do you know when a boy likes you?"

Talk about makin' the mom feel old! I pointed out to her that though I've been married almost twenty years, I didn't live under a rock, I didn't have a crystal ball, and obviously I did figure out that her father liked me, or we wouldn't be having that little talk right then.

"Yeah, but he came up and asked you to dance. And he proposed like a million times. It was kinda obvious, otherwise he wouldn't have come up and talked to you." True dat. But she's no dummy, and she knows that her crush likes her, too. It's one of those "let's dance around each other and not admit it" things.

Maybe she needs to get this cute little puff sleeve 80s sweater from mademoiselle*vintage, on ebay. It's almost exactly like the pink one I had on the night the old guy asked me to dance. Crystal ball not included.

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