Saturday, February 10, 2007

Ghosts in my machine

The Grammys are on tomorrow night, and be still my heart, The Police are going to perform. First time in several years, and then only once, at their Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction. WOOT!

The Police are firmly ingrained in hubby's and my relationship. Synchronicity was THE album the year before we met, and he still talks way too fondly of the Synchronicity tour concert he attended with another female -- not me -- who made a wonderful banner that said something about Sting-chronicity. It got stolen after they hung it from the railing, and he's still unhappy about it.

He used to call me when he lived in South Bend, and sing me his own rendition of "So Lonely." Still does sing it to me, if we're apart for a few days. It's a "only the wife could love it" song. We never got to see them perform live together, though we have seen Sting perform three times, and hubby is quite aware that, should Sting ever knock on our front door, that would be the last I'd ever see of the hub. But then again, that will never happen, so he's not scared.

And as for the police, we've also mentioned to the kids that, should they make it to the age of 20 without us ever hearing from a law enforcement officer, they will get 1000 bucks. DS17 and DD16 have hope of seeing it. We're saving up ds12's grand for bail money.

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