Friday, February 09, 2007

Victoria's not so secret

Oprah asks everyone if they are wearing the right bra. Spent an hour trying to explain how to figure out if you have the right bra on. Oye. Can't have the uni-boob from the athletic bras, can't have overflow, gotta have the RIGHT one.

I had the right size on when Oprah was talking about it -- I'd been to Victoria's Secret and been measured, only to be told that they didn't sell my size in the stores anymore. Talk about insulting -- they had just discontinued that particular size the WEEK before. And they don't make pretty bras for curvy women either. Bras for curvy women are built like a piece of heavy artillery.

Kinda goes back to that "only gonna get jiggy with it till I'm 50." I guess they think women only get jiggy with it till they are 38s. ::sigh:: Of course, my friend has the opposite complaint -- she swears that when she goes for her mammogram that they have to track down a pediatric plate to do it on.

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