Saturday, February 03, 2007

What Mom Ought to Wear

I'm a very casual dresser. Jeans and sweatshirts, sweaters in winter, dresses in summer, cause they are more comfortable. I'm usually barefoot, as long as it's warm enough. DD says all the time that she's turning me in to What Not to Wear. I probably deserve it.

But I do dress up occasionally, and doesn't it feel great? There's nothing like a pair of heels and a cool dress to make one feel like a lady. On our first cruise, I had a great, black strapless 80s does 50s dress. LOVED that dress! Hubby's favorite outfit for me was a pink acetate jumpsuit that I wore out, I think. He really loved me in that outfit.

::makes note to start working out, to get ready for cruise to Alaska in September::

Hubby wears a tux VERY well. He bought one before our Panama Canal cruise and baby, does he look hot in it. Of course, that cruise was over New Year's and New Year's Eve was formal night. He dressed up in his tux, but after dinner, changed pants and put on his swim trunks -- with his tux shirt, jacket and tie. Added his sunglasses and a party hat, and he was quite a sight. We got pictures of him like that, too. Oye.

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