Thursday, February 22, 2007

Death Wish II

Well, it happened today. The dd got her driver's permit. God help us all, I just got my nerves back from the ds's driving experiences, and now we're at it again. Pray for me, will you?

She really wasn't too interested in driving at all. Actually, she really wanted us to all revert to using horses, as she saw no reason for a car. No reason, that is, till the guy she likes got HIS license, and now she's decided that she will look "cooler" to him if she's driving too. Oh brother.

At least she is anxious to drive. The ds16 went into driving kicking and screaming. He'd still be up in his room playing World of Warcraft, had we not made him take Driver's Ed. Driver's Ed was an awful experience with an idiotic driving school -- especially for a kid who, every time he got behind the wheel had the disclaimer "ok, I'll drive..........if you want to die." Gee, that really built the mother's confidence.

It got to the point that I had to MAKE him drive. A couple of times, I would come out and get in the passenger's side for the trip home from an outing. He would stand there and insist he wasn't going to drive. I would reply that he was driving, or walking.

The first time I told him that, he walked. I couldn't believe it. Mind you, it was only maybe a twenty minute walk on a good day, but this kid never walks anywhere. Called hubby with one of those "you are not gonna believe what your child is doing" calls, and he couldn't believe it either. The next time I told him that, he was considerably further from home, and I guess he didn't want to spend two hours walking, cause he finally got behind the wheel.

Now he loves driving, and has his own little rust bucket to prove it. DDs biggest concern is that her photo on her permit isn't flattering (welcome to my world), and that she's gonna have to drive a "soccer mom" mini van. I insisted that if I were ever to be called a soccer mom, the entire group would disown then name, but she still insists that it is a) uncool to drive a minivan and b) totally uncool to drive the pimp-mobile Towncar from 1990.

Guess she's gonna have to come up with a hitchin' post for the horse, and get to trottin'.

So, pray for me, as I deal with the student driver. And, if I should die before she brakes, please, please, please, bury me in this
To Die For Black Dress, coming to you from lucitebox, on ebay. It's definitely not what a soccer mom would wear.

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