Sunday, June 01, 2008

Cher and Cher alike

My family won't leave my clothing alone. My personal clothing, owned and worn by me. In my dresser. Or closet. Except when it's not.

My husband has many times been caught wearing my socks. He is constantly wearing my sweat pants in the winter time, and in the summer, wears my shorts. Heck, the guy wore a pair of my maternity shorts till they wore out. Granted, they weren't those ugly ones with the big panel in front, but still, they were MINE. He claims my shorts are more comfortable. I claim he's nuts.

DD raids my sock drawer on a regular basis, to the point where I don't bother giving her socks anymore, cause she's always wearing mine. At least she leaves my clothes alone. She swears she has no idea how I can have such cute taste in stuff to sell, and dress like such a frump myself. I'm just not a high maintenance girl, that's all.

The other day, ds 13 was putting on his shoes, when I realized that he was wearing my socks. Good heavens! What is going on? So out we go, and ds18 was walking in front of me, and I realize that he is wearing my JEANS. MY jeans. I realized it at the same moment as dd, who says "did you notice what he's wearing?"

He just turns around and says "these jeans are SO comfortable." I just give him the look and tell him he's never going to see them again, because they are mine. Apparently, the hubby did the laundry, and gave them to the boy, but I got them back, and he can't have them again.

I've got more cross dressers here than a Cher concert.

So Jill had a friend over last night. She spent the night, went to church with them, then went to play mushball at the park with the youth group. Only she forgot tennis shoes, so I gave her mine to borrow. At least she didn't swipe 'em. She didn't even ask for them -- I volunteered. And when they came back -- Jill and friend, Seth and friend (who happens to be the Jill's friend's brother), and Thomas, I look at said friend #1 and say "aren't those Seth's shorts?" She said "oh, don't worry, I'll take them home and they'll come back here eventually." (Probably accurate, since her brother is here so much that he has his own toothbrush, and a drawer in Seth's dresser.) Jill responds, no, they aren't Seth's, they are his friend's, and he brought them over, so if she takes them home, it's all good. Turned out said friend had the shorts in his bag in the car, which Jill found open on the floor. She wasn't sure if the shorts belonged to Seth or the friend, so she just brought them in.

By the time I made an inquiry, they had been worn by Jill, Seth, Jill's BFF, her brother, and probably the hubby, if given the chance. I, on the other hand, have NOT worn them. Cause I wear my stuff, and pretty much no one else's, unless everyone else has swiped my stuff and the cupboard is bare.

And so, in honor of my cross dressing family, here's a great dress that no one would swipe from me, a Pink 60s Tent Dress, from Posh Girl Vintage, on the web. It's perfect for a pear like me, and the pink would keep the family at bay -- though the hubby would likely like the feel of the satin. But I'd just remind him that John Travolta wore a great tent dress in Hairspray. He might back away slowly. Maybe.

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What-I-Found said...

That dress reminds me of Tootie Fields...My Mom liked her and I liked her dresses. ;-)
As to your family cross dressing all I can say is Dennis learned that gray cotton underwear isn't only for guys.;-)